Bug reports

Please help us by reporting any problems you find.

NumPy and SciPy libraries make use of GitHub to do project management. There, you can see what we are currently working on (Pull Requests), as well as file bug-reports (issues).

  1. Go to the relevant page:

  2. On GitHub, you need to register an account the first time you use it.

  3. Make sure the bug hasn’t already been reported. Click on “Search” and type in some keywords to search for.

  4. File your bug-report by clicking “New Issue” on GitHub. For advice on how to provide a useful bug report, see Report Bugs.

  5. Note that the bug trackers are mostly for actual bugs. If you want to propose an enhancement, then the mailing list is a better place to get feedback.

Thank you for helping to make SciPy better!